Close Read - 23 - Good Data, Bad Data and More Competition for Post-Election Narratives

Now that more of the vote counts have been finalized, we’re getting a somewhat clearer picture of what happened geographically in 2020. But we need to stay skeptical about convenient narratives regarding who represents “half” the country as well as overly simplistic conclusions about race and class divisions among voters. Politics is still about addition and Democrats and progressives can do more to make the case that they’re building a multi-racial coalition that works across race and class lines to advance good policy.

> No, Trump Doesn’t Represent Half the Country by Aaron Huertas
> Nate Cohn’s response to Stacey Abrams regarding vote share vs. vote turnout (Twitter)
> Catalist’s analysis of the Georgia electorate (Twitter) and Target Smart’s (Twitter)
> Who represents the “working class”? (Twitch + Youtube)

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