Close Your Mouths and Clench Eyes Tight by Pippa Bailey

So my most recent short story was released from the WICKED LIBRARY with the fantastic audio from Guy Fortt.  It's the Midnight Mayhem Camp-out and everyone is sharing their scariest stories. A teenager shares a story about when his father was a boy and came face-to-face with majik, voodoo, and the Gunny Sack Man in a tale he calls "Haitian Graffiti and Tonton Macoute".

This story was inspired by Serpent and the Rainbow and my love of folk horror. It's not often I can delve into a culture outwith my own, and expand on the traditional bogeyman story of children taken in the night. But here we are... It's dark, twisted, and lonely.

Close Your Mouths and Clench Eyes Tight by Pippa Bailey 

Told by: Guy Fortt

Custom Score: Nico Vettese

Voice of the Librarian: Nelson Pyles | Artwork: Jeanette Andromeda | Host / Producer / Showrunner: Daniel Foytik | Executive Producers: Cynthia Lowman, Nelson Pyles, Nico Vettese, Scarlett R. Algee Lead Editor: Scarlett R. Algee

If you liked this story and want more you can check out Pip's story "the Unmaking of Jennifer Hawkins" in The Wicked Library Presents: 13 Wicked Tales: A Wicked Library Anthology

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