(CLOSED) Fanart Poll - March 2018
It is that time of the year again! This time I've decided to limit the votes to this post only to make things easier, hopefully.  For this month, I've increased the number of contestants up to ten (10) characters!

This is a public poll, meaning that not only patrons can vote, but anyone can do so as well. You can share this poll with your friends too!


 (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) Here how this works : 

- To cast your votes, post your choices in the comments down below (e.g : day (x) : 3, 5, 6).

 - You can only vote once a day by choosing up to three (3) different characters (you cannot choose the same character twice in the same day). In addition, a patron's single vote (1) will count as two (2) votes.

- To vote on the following day, reply to your comment with your new choice(s).

Here's a visual example :

- The poll will last for four (4) days, and will end on Thursday March 8th @ 11:59PM (Eastern Time). The character with the most votes by the end will be the drawn for this month!

The characters in this poll are as follows : 

(2018.03.08) DAY 3 SCORES UPDATED 

1. Zero Two [Darling in the FranXX]  (current votes : 29)

2. Kongou [Kantai Collection]  (current votes : 30)

3. Nero Claudius [Fate/Grand Order]  (current votes : 30) 

4. Jeanne d'Arc Alter [Fate/Grand Order]  (current votes : 34) 

5. Izmir (summer ver.) [Granblue Fantasy]  (current votes : 42) 

6. Jibril [No Game No Life]  (current votes : 85) 

7. Katsuragi [Senran Kagura]  (current votes : 39) 

8. Belfast [Azur Lane]  (current votes : 17) 

9. Alice [Monster Girl Quest]  (current votes : 90) 

10. Sansei Muramasa [Soukou Akki Muramasa]   (current votes : 59) 

Happy voting!

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