closer and closer to going off grid
Everyday we look at what we want out of life versus a lot that we do in our daily life that are either a waste of our time or not really of any interest. More and more we step away from our computers, as each passing day we debate on the minimal reasons to even have the internet anymore. Social media is a stale joke fill with nothing but spam, company advertisement, everyone re-posting the same ole stories over and over, or people who have social accounts that dont use them. We've terminated most of our social media over the years and are less and less using the ones that we have.

We use the following:

  • twitter - only to promote our articles
  • youtube - for our youtube videos
  • twitch - honestly we dont know why we use twitch it's been dead for a very long time.
  • google plus - only because it's required to have a youtube url.
  • discord - it's better than twitch voice and is the best form of communication with our supporters.
  • strava - cycling stats
  • zwift - indoor training

That is about it when it comes to social media, and honestly we can do without Twitch.

We've never been Twitch people, Twitch is just a place where people go to popular channels to try and grab some followers for their channel and that is really all it is; a popularity contest for the couch lovers. Over the years no real good has came out of streaming on Twitch.

We've been talking about living off grid as long as Annika and I have been together and every day we get closer to it. We're in the process of getting rid of all of our collectibles, and everything else that we don't absolutely have to have. We will keep our discord running for supporters, we will keep our youtube going so we can share videos with our supporters. Our Twitter will always be there whether we use it or not, Twitch will 100% be a no more very soon, and we will keep our Patreon here and our main website. The very few people who have been there (you know who you are) we look forward to sharing everything with you on here and in discord.

We will be spending less and less time on our computers though we will respond via discord, email, and messages here as often as we can. It's time to spend more time living life and less in a digital sickness. Hug to our Patrons we will see you in discord, real life or in the next post.