Closing In On Target
I've finished writing the first draft of the features I'm looking to add for Blue Wing's first beta. Within a few days I'll be releasing PDF and EPUB formats exclusively for my $5+ backers to check out.

This is a first draft, and it's not a complete version of all the chapters. It focuses mostly on mechanics material over setting and gamemaster advice. It's yet to see an editor pass. It's an early beta, but a playable one.

I'm pretty excited with what it's got going on in it.

The last two features I added were the rules for KEGs, pilot's small robotic companions that work as electronic backseaters, and Witchtech Systems, which witch pilots (who are pilots with psychic powers, one of the backstory types) can add to their starfighters to augment their powers in battle.

I'm hoping to have a draft version of a character sheet and starfighter sheet to accompany the beta.

If you're not a backer yet, and you'd like to get early access to this draft of Blue Wing, consider backing me at the $5+ level.

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