The Closing of a Year
Hello Patrons - our VIPS! - welcome to the end of another year! We have so much to be thankful for this year: your support (so thankful), all the touring we did, amazing opportunities like SXSW, AmericanaFest, being in Rolling Stone (ahhh!). We just want you to know how much a part of this all of you are, and how much it means to have not just your financial support, but to know that you are reading our news, and are behind us all the way. Thank you!! 

What to expect for the end of 2015:

- Behind-the-scenes video of us talking about writing "Look Before You Leap" (for our $10 and above Patrons)

- Hopefully one more song upload!

And in 2016? A NEW ALBUM!!! That's right. You may or may not have seen on social media that we have started working on a new album at Stable Studio here in Chambersburg, PA, with our Nashville producer, Steve Ivey (see attached photo). In late October we finished the rhythm tracks, and in January, we (Brechyn and Larissa) will go back to Nashville to record our vocals. So we're on a good path to getting this done for a Spring release (TBD)! 

So, once again, we're so glad to have you all along for this crazy ride we're on!

All our thanks, and we wish you a wonderful end to the year, and the start of a new one!


Larissa & Brechyn