CLOSING SOON - Farewell to Angelic Artisan's Patreon
I've thought about this for some time and I've finally made my decision.  I'll be closing this Patreon account indefinitely in two weeks, Friday, July 15th, 2016.  This time period will give my Patrons two weeks to go through the Rewards posts and gather any items you'd like to archive for yourselves.

While I will always appreciate the dedicated few of you who pledged to support my artisan projects, the fact remains that I simply don't produce enough of these craft projects to warrant keeping this account open.

Rather than sporadically surprise you all with my random rate of production, I'd much prefer to put those energies towards other creative endeavors.  In the meanwhile, I encourage those of you interested in my crafts to switch your pledges to the Ladies of the Months Patreon instead, where I'll be posting the birth flower mask series until its completion.

But never fear!  I'm never going to stop making crafts.  I have plans for future series, including Tarot masks, Kushiel's Legacy jewelry, and MUCH more.   They are simply at the mercy of my limited time while I work on art and will be posted on my artisan sites, rather than here on Patreon.  

Finally, I will never say no to Paypal donations and tips from those who enjoy my artisan work and want to show their support without having to rely on Patreon.  You can even set this tip to monthly, if you so choose.  One final thing, your Patreon discount codes will *never* expire. Consider them my gift to you for showing your support here!

I hope you'll still keep up with what I'm crafting at the following places: