Closing Time
I’m sure it probably comes as no surprise that I struggle with completion. I think it’s mostly because of how aware I am of the finality of it -- knowing that once the moment passes it’s unlikely to ever come around again.

And yet, with all the inner work I have done as a part of this adventure, and all that I have learned about myself over the last year, there’s a part of me that wonders if I actually CHOOSE to focus on the finality of these endings, so I don’t have to be with the joy and celebrate the accomplishment of actually completing of something.

By focusing on how sad I am that it’s the “last time” this particular something will happen, I dismiss the fact that I’ve made it to the end. And in some cases, when I avoid the end of something altogether, I also avoid feeling the pride that comes with committing to something and seeing it through.

But as I step into the role of neutral observer one final time on this particular adventure, I am able to see that completion is not about denying the sadness of loss OR the joy of accomplishment, it’s about finding the harmony between them.

It’s the bittersweet “both and” of accepting that something is over AND celebrating that it's done.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit Adventure, Week 52, Day 4

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