Clothed Figure
I've decided to put clothes on my figure drawings! This really steps up the difficulty and time it takes to make one of these sketches. But I do enjoy the process and challenge it gives me.

I start with the actual figure first, so I can map out where the clothes will go on that figure. I do a very undetailed sketch of the figure, because most of the clothing will hide the shape and form of the figure wearing the clothes. You can see part of the leg on the right under the skirt. At the top near the hip, the skirt is resting on the figure, so there is only one line to represent both objects. But as you move downward, the skirt is no longer resting on the figure, but has moved a bit outstide of the leg. There is now space between the two.

I didn't erase that leg, just shaded right over it. That's what makes it a sketch of course haha! I love how this turned out, and I hope you all do too. I can't wait to practice more on clothed figures!