Clozemaster Latin Vocabulary Games from Adam Bushashia

Adam Bushashia has written to me, telling me all about the wonderful Latin study resource using Clozemaster he created.

Adam has constructed interactive study games that use the material in Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language, to help you learn Latin online.

These are an excellent study tool to use alongside the Adler Latin Course.

This collection Adam created uses the material from here, the .txt version of  Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language  created by Carolus Raeticus, and the associated Anki study set of the exercises. 

How do the Cloze games work?

The games give a Latin sentence, with the corresponding English beneath. A word is missing in the Latin sentence. You can select multiple choice to select the missing word, or choose text input, to type in what you think the missing word may be.

Adam tells me he has created over 7,000 Cloze games in this series - more than enough to keep you very busy; I have had a look at them, and think they would make an excellent revision tool for learning and revising your Latin.

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