Club VixXxen Pre-Alpha V.1 now available for download.

This pre-alpha demo have not final sounds. Not many lvls have sound at all.

So turn on your favorite Music.

FPS is not optimized.

No multiplayer.

It will not contain any interaction game play.

Models animations are not optimized.

Some doors are not animated

We had to remove the menu system and our VR first person we working with.

We using the first person template that comes with Unreal. ( It will be replaced)

The pre-alpha demo includes

- The backyard

- Lower part of club VixXxen

- Cinema

- One Private room.

Note: No loading screens.

To enter first gate press E

To get into the Club VixXxen go to elivator and press E. Go to elevator end and Press E

To enter the Cinema, take the right elevator and move to the end of the elivator.

To exit cinema go to the door.

To enter Private room, Go to the Guard standing at the VIP sign and walk to the stairs.

I hope you understand that this is a is pre-alpha because so much stopped working in Unreal Engine 4.11

Download links: Size: 2.76GB 1.part1.rar 1.part2.rar 1.part3.rar 1.part4.rar 1.part5.rar

Please report bugs  and feedback on our Patreon site. ( On this post ) 

Best regards

Tobias Falk

[email protected]