The Coalition of the Willing
The Coalition of the Willing

          Who was to blame? That was a famous question: Who is to blame?
~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

I have no recollection of that event. It was legal
when I was doing it. If you thought it was wrong,

you should’ve stopped me. There was no complaint,
so there was no crime. There was no legitimate complaint.

There was no legitimized crime. Because I’m in power,
every action I take is legitimate. Every crime is renamed

a blessing, ever blessing an onerous obligation the people want
rescinded. With only one voice, there is no dissension.

You have no evidence. What evidence you have is lies.
Our ranks are filled with spies. Our banks are rotten

with ties to foreign powers. There is no final hour,
only day-to-day. I accept no responsibility,

but what must I pay to make you go away?
Or, better yet, remain silent. Maybe I’ll let you stay.