The Coarse Animal

Next in our series of short stories is “The Coarse Animal” by Simeon Ewing, performed by Mark Bateman and produced by Bill Thomas. For a show set in the 1870s it’s taken us a surprisingly long time to include Queen Victoria herself, and it’s galling that Sim beat the main show to it with such a splendid story. Sim’s other credits include his career-defining performance as Banjo and producing Chris Bogle’s short film The Rocket Ship

We highly recommend picking up a copy of the book it’s taken from, The Casebook of the Aletheian Society, not only to enjoy reading the rest of the stories, but also for Catherine Ramsay’s fabulous — and meticulously historically researched, especially for this story! —  illustrations. And watch this space — we’ll be putting out a call for submissions for volume 2 very soon...

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