Coastal Basements & Pools

Get that extra real-estate back! This mod unlocks basements and pools for coastal terrain (ocean lots)

Fair warning, this mod comes with a few quirks so it's mainly intended for builders. I'll patch out what I can in future updates.


Why can't I place things on the ocean surface?
That layer is currently missing when modded. Please use place from inventory to place floats, boats, etc.

 Q: It still won't let me build basements. Why not?
Sometimes you'll need to bulldoze the existing lot before basements will be placeable.

 Q: It's telling me the basement has conflicting terrain constraints. Why?
The actual ocean floor still blocks some of the lot area for basements. This only applies to the first basement floor. 

 Q: The ocean is showing over my stairs. How can I fix it?
The ocean layer is static and will always show when on the ground floor. If visuals are a concern for you, place stairs somewhere not under the water.

 Q: I can't route by ocean ladders, what's wrong?
The ladders depend on a missing layer when modded. They still work but only if the ladder is placed at the very edge of the lot (so the sim will land in the off-lot ocean.

Q: What about terrain tools?
A: I already unlocked the controls and unfortunately they do nothing on those lots. The terrain data is missing.

 Q: My sim is standing under the water!
A: When modded, the normal lot interactions are available on the lot area instead of the ocean ones. This can cause some... oddly aquatic.. behavior.

  Q: Does this work on existing saves?
A: It will work on an existing save if you haven't loaded the lot before installing this mod. If you have, you'll need to start a new save. Lot types are locked in at time of first visit.

Again, I will work on fixing as much as this as I can, but it's not an easy task.

How to install:

Place the package file into your Mods folder and make sure mods are enabled in gameplay options. 

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