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Cockatude 38 A label addict goes on at 12 parrot program
Episode 38 A Label Addict goes on a 12 Parrot Program, is a bit longer than I planned. Considering it took me three weeks of intense study to "get it" I suppose a 70 minute video is not overkill. It's a laid back journey into the world of behavior that focuses on seeing just what parrots do. I catch myself again and again in the episode labeling. And, yes, I added a buzzer when I slip up. You won't drink a bottle of soda labeled "poison" and we can't train a parrot labeled mean or angry. Labels get in the way. So if you want to start training your bird like the pros do the first step is learning to watch and see. Sometimes I have to watch a parrot's behavior video 20 or 30 times before i actually see what is going on. It's the way our human brains work. So much assuming. So much labeling! The birds make the video fun! So grab some popcorn and a soda and enjoy. This is episode 1 of our new training series.