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Cockatude 52 From Egg to Old Age: the Stages of a Parrot's Life
From the hollows of trees high up in the ancient forests to the incubators and feeding tubes in captivity, their eggs hatch and they brave a new found world. Growing up in vastly different ways and different environments, many living the better part of a century, they live secret lives among the trees or behind bars in captivity. These wonders of the natural world are admired for their mystery, intelligence, and beauty. Yet, rare is the human being who connects with them.

Where mammals are pushed into the world crying in pain, parrots gently tap on a shell between them and the light and break through it quietly. When they cry loudly in the wild is it rarely in pain. Rather it is in celebration of life and community. O that their voices would always be raised in joy!

Explore the mystery with us in this episode of Cockatude. 

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“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.”— Epictetus CE 55-155

These links are to awareness tests that will surprise you. We think we know exactly what we are seeing but do we? Cognitive scientists say no. This videos prove it! 

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Basketball test: No matter how closely you watch this video you will probably not get the right answer!