Code name: WoodyTakt - A portable Digitakt à la Cremacaffè

Author: Andrea Milana


This non-commercial project started as a personal need for myself, and it was recently shared through a few posts on Cremacaffè Instagram feed. However there has been some interest by our Followers, who asked to be informed about the outcome, and the possibility to purchase it as a product. So I decided to give the project a proper place for development and interaction with those who would like to support it. While some general updates will continue to be shared on our social media, here on Patreon you will be able to take actively part in the project and find more detailed information and behind the scenes footage.

#01. WoodyTakt in early design stage. Photo by @andreamilana 

The OPUS Series

As many of our Followers already know, Cremacaffè OPUS Series started with the OPUS-1, back in August 2018; a wooden case & stand for the popular OP-1 synth by Teenage Engineering.

It was an instant success: the hottest summer we ever had at Cremacaffè Design.

A couple of months later, OP-Z, the new TE synth/sampler was released to the public, and a demand an OPUS-Z case & stand emerged. Later on we adapted Elisa's OPUS design to the Pocket Operators range as well; this time it was the OPUS-PO.

#02. OPUS-Z, Octopus-Z design by Cremacaffè 2019. Photo by @1iqwid 

A Portable Digitakt

Fast forward almost one year, and I started thinking of an OPUS-D(igitakt) for my favorite sampler; the Elektron Digitakt. What if this time, instead of making a case for the device, I would replace its own chassis with a lighter wooden one and, wherever possible, smaller too? When I took the Digitakt apart to start the design work, I realized there was room enough to fit in a USB power-bank I used to carry along, to make the sampler portable; less accessories and cables to have around! It looked promising.

To make the "on the road music making" experience more fun, I decided to use the little space left in the new case to fit in a small digital audio recorder as well, so that I could finally record live performances on the go, without the hassle of a mobile device + USB interface and cables taking up space in my backpack. The first night out of town I had such a creative "bed session" with "rev.3 WoodyTakt", as I don't recall in years! The aroma of the wooden surface, the portability of the device, much lighter than with the original case, and being able to record my sessions on the fly without messy setups, all of this was a huge creative boost.

#03. WoodyTakt (rev.3) design by Cremacaffè 2019. Photo by @andreamilana 

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