Codename: Project MEGANE
Greetings!  Our first project beyond GR has begun!

Dubbed "Project MEGANE" (not the final name), this project aims at creating a storytelling platform which will enable writers, illustrators, and designers to come together on a common platform.  Creators will be able to make stories which incorporate visual and auditory elements as well as the ability to infuse story logic, enabling readers to choose their own path and end up at varying story points and conclusions.

The platform is currently being developed as a web-based platform.  Over the past month, we've looked at a couple different technologies which would be suitable for the platform, each with their own pros and cons.  At this point though, we just want to get something basic put together as a working prototype so that we can further define and refine the platform as development moves forward.

So far, what we have is very basic, but we'll continue to build and refine until we're able to show things off in a demo video.

Till later!