Coding Drawings into Plane Characters - Secret Video #2 update
I untangled the mess of research and finally found where my thread starts. It starts with "plane" characters (that aren't too "plain")!

I'll share a taste of the creative process but from a different angle. I'm again mixing my "limited animation" drawings into my 3D world, which means importing flat planes with lots of textures (images). I found myself loading and then adjusting the same settings over and over. And what do we do when we're repeating the same task? Automate! 

So I started writing a script for that alongside the art planning and creation. A week and change later, I have a working recipe that takes a bunch of images and assigns them to a single object. It then sets all the tiny tweaks that keep each drawing transparent, cropped and free from glare.

Just in time, because I signed myself up for more art asset creation than usual. Thanks partly to this speedy code, I now have over half the main art ready. Audio and animation are now giving me the evil grins. No matter, I will have this launched two weeks from today.

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