Coffee with D(2017)[SPOILER FREE]

Well, actually I am lying by writing "SPOILER FREE" in the title. This movie has nothing to spoil. The sole reason why I watched this movie is because it has one of the finest actors from Indian Television and that is Sunil Grover. That's it. I wouldn't have even looked at the poster if he wasn't in this movie. So as I have watched the movie, let me break it down for you. I am going to keep it short.

SCREENPLAY, STORY and DIALOGUE - All three of them are horrendous. The story is basically a rip-off or a very juvenile attempt of recreating 2014's The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. It fails horribly because there is nothing interesting going on. Everything feels like a filler leading up to the main interview. The fillers should have been engaging instead of being downright boring. The dialogue felt like it was written by a kid. It was obvious that they were trying to copy or pay homage to Arnab Goswami but they failed at that too. In The Interview, James Franco's character had a controversial interview with Eminem. Here they just begin with him shouting at a politician. It could have been funny but it looked they just started rolling the cameras and asked them to wing it. Every scene felt like they didn't even have a legitimate screenplay to work on.
The dialogues were missing so many beats. There were silent moments when two characters were talking. That made the conversation so awkward that it was unbearable to watch.
Now, the thing about The Interview was that they knew it was a parody movie. So they took everything as a joke. Here everything became so serious and it felt like I was being made to feel that there are stakes. Sometimes it was trying to be funny, other times it was trying to break the fourth wall, jokes were being used way too many times. It was just all over the place.

DIRECTION - Absolutely immature directing. I don't know how to put it in words. The advantage with this movie is that it didn't have too many characters to play with. What the director should have done is that he should have played these characters off each other. He gave it a try, but when you have such a brilliant screenplay, what can you do? The set design was a tragedy. The most horrible aspect of this movie was that in many sequences the news anchors were interviewing some people. Initially you can see that they are setting up the news channel's camera. Then when the scene begins, we are seeing it through the film's camera and we can also see the news channel's camera. Instead of looking at the news camera, the characters look at the film's camera!! There are tons of plot-holes or logic holes throughout this movie and I don't want to go into it. I might end up passing out on the keyboard.

EDITING - I swear if I could have had the editor to sit beside me while watching the movie, I'd have slapped him every time I'd have noticed where he should have edited. I think in one of Every Frame a Painting's videos, he had mentioned how an editor thinks or is there a technique to it. To that he said, he edits his videos when he thinks that scene should end or before it feels like a scene is being over-extended and is losing it's intensity.
If I go by that definition, Bunty Nagi is senseless. 

ACTING - Sunil Grover tries his best but there isn't much he can do. Rajesh Sharma just plays himself and is the only  bearable character. Everyone else is sickening. It's sad to see Dipannita Sharma's departure from the suave Reina in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl(2011) to this over-sexualized piece of garbage.

FINAL VERDICT - It's sad to see that Sunil Grover has to act through this. I hope he gets better scripts and gets to act in better movies. I'd like to send a message to producers who produce these movies to at least read the script before green-lighting a movie. This doesn't help you and neither does it help the people who are involved with it.
Definitely don't watch it. You can wait for it to come on the TV if you love Sunil Grover. Other than that there is no reason to even give this movie a try.

P.S.- How the hell does this have a 7.7 on Imdb? I mean, I really want to know what they saw in this movie to give it a 7! I genuinely want to know. If by coincidence, someone who has rated this movie above 7 and is also reading this review, please let me know your views. I am extremely interested to know.