Cognitive Drawing Pitch
This Thursday we had a video call with all the $5 and up patreons and I pitched my Cognitive Drawing workbook idea. I said that I would be sending you a PDF of the first 40 pages of the book but I have been updating a few things before I send it out. My plan is to send out the test booklet to you patreons and the Cognitive Drawing mailing list at some point next week. :)

Above is a Youtube video I made announcing the idea and that I'm looking for beta testers. So if you are interested in being a beta tester then either join the Cognitive Drawing mailing list or just hold tight until next week and I'll give you all the info you need to be one of my testers. 

Cognitive Drawing Mailing List:

Thanks guys!


----Below is a copy of what I wrote on for the Youtube Video----

Cognitive Drawing is something I have been developing based on my own approach to learning how to draw on my own in the middle of nowhere. This is the technique that I created when I was 20 years old that helped me improve the most in a short time. This is how I suggest you practice drawing in order to REALLY remember how to draw anything from memory.


I'm finally ready to start showing a small group of people what it is and how to use it. Basically I need some beta testers to try it out and give me some feedback as well as allow me access to their finished art progress. If you join the mailing list below I will send you a video and PDF workbook to test out (in about a week) when it's ready. Follow the link below to join.

If you just want to be notified when the book is finished or the Kickstarter launches then join the list as well and you will be on the ground floor when it launches. :)