A Coiled Majesty Cover Art - 3rd Concept Sketch
Fliss' legs are waaay to long, but the idea is down on the page, so... anyway, yeah, this is my solution for the need to communicate the feelings of all the participants in the scene. The horse is either not very concerned or ready to stomp on the little one, whilst Fliss is basically freaking out.

Yes that is one of two pigtails floating over her left shoulder. In my mind I saw her wearing her vest, but upon reflection I realized she wasn't. Whoops. Even though the scene is written, I'd upstaged the scene a bit from its original content. Fliss' button down shirt will be untucked, and that will be visible as it hovers around her waist.

Anyway, yeah, this gets the idea down, as I've been saying. Next will be doing research for anatomy.