COLLAB ALLIANCE PROJECT - Ft: Myself + 7 Other Producers!
This project was totally awesome! I've never worked with 6 other contributors on a project before, this was loads of fun taking what each producer did and adding your own spin to it in addition to the wild card twists, like having to try and talk in 2nd/3rd person during one of my sessions. Mind fuck while trying to crush out an hour and call it good... humor game was strong with this one.

This was basically production on steroids. Watching others produce and seeing their techniques was inspiring and I learned a thing or two. The time restraint really made things complex because it forced us to speed produce. Conflicting ideas made it even more of a challenging. I'd say it is not really a good idea to have so many people working on one track, sometimes all your work gets completely erased after you've spent so much time on it... lol

"Back in July 2016 we announced our new project, Collab Alliance: A  production game featuring some of the biggest names in YouTube music  production tutorials. In this series, your favorite Youtubers are given 4  wildcard challenges and an hour time limit to add their best additions  to a single collaborative track! Make sure to subscribe to all 8  channels to be updated on each producer's addition to the project!"


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