Collab: The Astral Express | A Christmas D&D5E Adventure
Every year, Klaus the Kindhearted travels across the planes visiting all the good little boys and girls and delivering to them magical treats and gifts. He does this on his magical train, The Astral Express. This year, however, while skirting the abyss he inadvertently picked up a nefarious hitchhiker. A creature born of malice and hunger and hate: The Gingerdead Man. Summoned by Klaus as a last-ditch effort to save his train and the gift-giving season, will your party be able to safely navigate the Astral Express and thwart the Gingerdead Man’s evil plots?

Hey everyone!

In honor of the holiday season, a bunch of ttrpg creators including myself gathered together for a free collaboration, centered around a magically powered train soaring through the sky! As my first participation in something like this, I had a blast, and I hope to participate in many more next year to bring you guys more quality content!

Along with maps of a wide variety of train cars to navigate through, this collaboration includes a written adventure, new monsters, minis, magic items, and musical tracks to bring it all together in one cohesive package! You can view a list of everything contained in the pack below as well as links to each of the creators responsible for contributing to this effort. Most creators have also created their own patron-only content, so we highly encourage that you check out their Patreons below.

Included in this mega collaboration is:

  • 4 atmospheric musical tracks
  • 8 yuletide magic items
  • 17 monsters complete with stats
  • 25 monster tokens
  • 16 different 17 x 11 maps, available as gridded and gridless, as well as printable PDFs (The pdf zip was too big to attach to the post, so it's only available in the Dropbox download link).
  • 2 backdrops to place your maps onto

Here's the download link via dropbox, you can also use the zips in the attachments at the bottom of this post.


Here are links to all the creators involved in the project!

Adventure Writers

Adventures Await
Instant Adventures


Loke BattleMats
Moonlight Maps
Rudok's Tavern
Scribbles in Space
The Goblin Explorer
The MAD Cartographer
Tom Cartos
Venatus Maps
Zach Moeller


Boy King of Idaho
Music d20


Rudok's Tavern
Zach Moeller

Magic Item Designers

Adventures Await
Instant Adventures
Zach Moeller

Miniature/Token Creators

Zach Moeller

Monster Designers

Adventures Await
Instant Adventures
Zach Moeller

To everyone reading this, we hope you enjoy this huge collaboration. We wouldn't be able to create all this without your support! From everyone who joined in on this project, thank you for your patronage. And a special shout out to Rudok's Tavern who made the awesome video ad! =D

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