Collab opportunity - Be a part of the 50th bottle episode!!
This milestone is quickly approaching so I wanted to do something really special, a dos and donts 2 including the many people that have helped me get this far!! My first one is my most watched bottle episode to date so I think it's a great thing to make a sequel to! (clicky here if you haven't seen it)

Basically I want the video to be whole lot of furry related dos and donts but each one is being talked about by a different person. I can't do double ups so I gave patrons first dibs on the do or dont they wanted (sorry public peoples), keep reading to find the google doc of taken topics!

I want the video to be as enjoyable as possible to watch so there are a few requirements I'll need you to be able to meet:

- Record in at least 720p resolution

- Clear & clean audio (audio far more important than video, I might be incredibly picky here sorry)

- A tidy backdrop

- No cussing or super NSFW topics, keep it family friendly

I highly recommend watching my Video Basics Bottle Episode before you start to film!

It doesn't have to be filmed in a fursuit either. Anything you're comfortable with. You may also use a do/don't that i mentioned in my first video, as that video is extremely shoddy now. I'd like to keep it to one do or don't per person but feel free to do one of each, just keep in mind I might not use one. I may have to cut some clips due to time restraints or requirements not being met, I am extremely sorry if your clip doesn't make it to the video.

And please keep it short and sweet, don't talk in circles! I need to fit a lot of clips in this 10ish minute video. I recommend writing a little script for yourself. Feel free to run said script by me as well if you'd like some help!

I've made this google doc to record all the topics that have been taken so far, please check it to see if the one you wanna do has been claimed or not!

- Make sure you meet the requirements above

- Send me a private message (not comment please, I'll lose track) with the do/dont you wish to use either here or on twitter. Format it like a title. Ie "Dont: forget to eat your vegetables", "Do: eat your vegetables", then expand on it in your clip for 30 secs to a minute or so. The title is what I'll mark you down for on the doc, so please have a title for me! 

- If it's not taken and I like your idea, I'll give the all clear for you to go ahead and record your clip! 

- The deadline to get your clip to me is the 22nd of April. Via Google drive or dropbox links or something.

Thanks so much in advance guys!! This is gonna be fun, I can't wait to see all your clips :D