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Collab Month Comes To An End :(The End of Collab Month
I'm abandoning my usual weekly rundown of songs in favor of something simpler: 1. A playlist containing the previous week's songs. This way, if you missed any, you can simply put this playlist on and catch up. 2. I'm keeping the dropbox link to download the mp3s. You can always download my music for free from my Bandcamp, but this way, I'm delivering the songs straight to your inbox! What I realized is this: I am making songs. That's what I'm doing. Sometimes there's other stuff - but I don't think that the rundowns of how I created the songs were staying that interesting. The fact is that the creative process is mysterious and strange. Most of the time I don't REALLY know how I'm doing what I do. I just keep doing it! Anyway - download this week's batch of songs: