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Collaboration with Max Brody

I got to thinking recently, what if I started collaborating with other musicians? I hadn’t done much if any in the past as I am somewhat of a reclusive being. Honestly, If I had my instruments and studio as well as an internet connection, I could live without seeing people much with the exception of my wife and cats.

Here is the result. I played the drums in our wood paneled living room at the house. This room is special to us

I tracked the drums with a remote app that controls my studio recorder with an iPad wirelessly. After that I played some other instruments and  added some synths. Then it was time to mix.

Once the mix was good, I noticed that I wanted to add some noises and dimensional elements that made the mix sound more 3D. 

I contacted my friend and fellow musician, Max Brody! I asked Max if he
would add some Saxophone to the track and he did.  

Here is a quick rap sheet on Max:

Max Brody’s website:
Max Brody Wikipedia:

Joe Coleman. Joe is an amazing artist who lives in the lower East-side of NYC with his wife. He did a talk once that someone recorded. In that talk, his words resonated with me deeply and powerfully.

Joe Coleman's website:
Joe Coleman Wikipedia:

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