Collaboration's in the Air!
Hello Patreon Community!

Here's what I've been up to for the last month:

  • Yesterday was day 21 of #The100DayProject - there's a new story up every day.  Take a look if you haven't seen them yet & follow @brotherskeeperintl on Instagram.

  • There are new posts up on the Brother's Keeper blog!

  • Finding collaborators: I've been talking with people in art and film, political science and business; teachers, mothers, bloggers, pastors, and musicians.

    We have some great ideas in the works of how to put our efforts together to grow relationships in our communities between locals and refugees, not only here in Berlin, but in Europe as a whole. It's really exciting to dream big and see how much more we can accomplish when we work together instead of each of us on our own. 

    Collaboration is awesome! Stay posted for more news on this front!

  • Last, but not least: I'm 33% of the way to being fully funded! Woo hoo!
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A big THANK YOU and SHOUT OUT to my first patrons and stalwart crew:
Chandler, Blake, Steve, Amy, Louis, Eric, Karen, Joanna, Chris, and Suzanna

Thank you for believing in me! Your financial and moral support have made it possible for me to throw myself into this work over the last few months.  The thank you is not only from me, but also from my friends from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan who have thanked me for the work that I am doing.

Love from Berlin,