Collaborative Studio 5, Piece #2
 Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fire, Red, Cone/Triangle, Judaism

For Fire, I chose to make a scroll that is reminiscent of one of the five books of the Torah, using cone shaped driedels as my scroll caps.  I originally assigned Judaism to Fire because I read that “Tola'at" and "shani" ("scarlet," "crimson") symbolized blood, and thus frequently typified life, although this color often designated sin, as well as joy and happiness.”  I was delighted to see that the Star of David, composed of 2 large triangles, also creates 6 smaller ones, and chose to focus on the 7 days of Creation at the Beginning of Genesis, called Bereshit, meaning, “In the Beginning”.

Painting the dreidels with my world symbols for the number 5 and fire.

Attaching my painted dreidels for my scroll ends.

Beginning the layout for the scroll.

Beginning the background painting.

The finished scroll.

Detailed close up.

"In The Beginning" scroll, finished and on display.

"In The Beginning" scroll on display in the gallery, flash image to brighten the colors.