Collaborative Studio 5, Piece #5
 Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ether/Heaven, Blue, Flames, Christianty

This project began with the idea of wanting to make the ‘Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse”.  A variety of blue flames cover the top of the box.  The four ponies are White:  Conquest, Red: War, Black: Famine and Pale Green: Death.  Each of the first three horses bears the corresponding sign on it’s hip, but as death has no hip, it also has no Little Pony Tag.  It amuses me that the Death Little Pony is made to look skeletal, but also allows you to see the inner workings of the toy.  I left the bottom of their feet unpainted, so that the Hasbro sign is still left visible.  I decided to put them on top of a music box, because sound is considered part of the sphere of Heaven, to the tune of Blondie’s Rapture.

...or it will.  When it's finished.  I had to get it turned in, so the box is not completed, although there's a good foundation and the musical movement is in place-- the box is not finished and the music box doesn't play.  Yet.
But the ponies turned out beautifully.

My four donated victims.

The future Famine.

Famine, with the scales.The future Conquest.Conquest, with the bow and arrow.
The future War.Working on War's tail.

War's sword.

and the future Death. Death started out with a hot x-acto knife...

And wire....

LOTS of wire.

While I waited to continue working on my horses, I began painting my box.

It took 2 days for her hooves to set.

Whose the little blue horse?, you ask?  That's for project # 6 (;

I glazed the box in blue and added the world wide signs for the number 5 and the element ether.

Then I created my death horse.

"Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse" on display in the gallery.

They're pretty cool.  But I anticipate that they'll be even cooler when I finish the box and it plays "Rapture" (;