Collaborative Studio 5, the Gallery, Collaborating and #6
 Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have had so much fun in this class!  And I have to admit that I'm stoked about being on display with my classmates in a real gallery (even if it's just the gallery in the art department on campus).

We collaborated on the idea of 5.  We collaborated on how to set up the space.  And we actually did a couple of collaborative pieces.

 But first, I'm going to share the awesome poster that Skaggs created for our show.

We used plastic drop sheeting to create 'walls'.  It served 3 purposes-- 1. to direct the flow of traffic, 2. to create individual rooms for the different elements and 3. to break up the space in an interesting and almost mysterious way.  I think it was very successful, and a wonderful collaborative effort.

Joe created a cage for each classmate and it was our job to fill them as we saw fit.  I love the overall visual of them together.

Close up on mine.

A view into the gallery.

And in the center, we placed an actual wall that art work could be attached to.I absolutely love the variety of two dimensional and three dimensional art that was created for this show.