Collaborator Profile: Parkour Generations Americas
Parkour Generations Americas is part of a worldwide community of people who love to move. In the Spring of 2014, with support from the Boston Dance Alliance, I started working with Blake Evitt and members of PKGA-Boston on a project called “Bonds.” “Bonds” draws on images from Physics to explore the metaphysical through the physical. "Bonds" is an exercise in awe at the terrifying complexity the universe. The first video in this series, "Passing Through Walls" marks the beginning of this project. Watch for “Entanglement,” to be shot in April, the next installment of “Bonds,” and a series of videos with PKGA folks jumping around in a box of scaffolding embodying freezing water, super-cool sodium, trapped light and nuclear fusion. Blake and co. turned out in force for the first proof of concept shooting of "Every Body," clips of which you can see in the Patreon video. We’ll have even more traceurs participating in the full-fledged outdoor shooting of "Every Body" this Spring. (in photo: Sasa Sevo, Evan Beyer and Aaron Cantor at our Earthdance rehearsal retreat)