Collecting addresses - All Patrons $1 or more will get my Holiday Card!
I've been really thinking about this, some way to give a great big thank you to everyone here because you are all an important part of the driving force that keeps me going. I love to make art and the support you show me has been amazing and means more than you could know!

For the past five years I've been creating a special Holiday painting and get cards printed just to send to my family and a few close friends. This year though, I want to extend that to include you wonderful Patrons as well! There is a deadline for these so don't miss it at the bottom.

"Cardinals", 2015 Holiday Card

"Late Afternoon in the Snow", 2013 Holiday Card

"Nigh Sky Splatter", 2017 Holiday cards. I did a large batch of these in all different skyscapes as mini paintings

------------------  HERE'S THE IMPORTANT BIT!  -  DEADLINE  ------------------
I WILL ONLY BE SENDING OUT CARDS TO THOSE ACTIVELY PLEDGING BY DECEMBER 7TH. Every tier is included, so even $1 Patrons will receive a card!

I'll only extend the deadline if I'm falling behind on getting the painting finished, but if anything changes I will be sure to announce it so that everyone gets a chance to get in on a card! The deadline is so that I can prepare the number of cards needed to send, since I'll need to order them and get enough stamps etc.

I do not plan to sell these cards online or at my shows, so this will be the only way to get my special Holiday card! I also will be sharing the process and hopefully doing some live streaming of the painting as I create it. This is something I love to do every year and my friends and family say they enjoy receiving them - so I sincerely hope you will too =]

I went through and edited all of the tiers to ask for addresses, though I am not sure if Patreon will ask you to make any updates. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll go through when Decmeber comes around. Either way I will be individually checking to make sure everyone is counted =]