College is a Scam: Why I Liberally Hate College
Don't go to college, learn how to sell. The common misunderstanding people have about college is it is the best place to learn. While colleges used to be popular in the 90's, it's popularity is fading, as people are realizing how big the internet has grown, and how much time and money college wastes. I can buy online courses that cost way less money than a college education, and teach me a course in a month that would've taken me a 4 year degree to get. Most people out of the gates of college make the same amount of money as someone who wasn't even in college, AND they're in debt! Wouldn't you rather spend 4 years learning at your own pace and starting a business?

I watched a video about a 23 year old trader who dropped out of college. People in college and even his own friends can't stand the fact that he's successful, because they know that college doesn't give them control over their lives! You need to take the reign over your life and stop getting screwed over. I don't want to be "average". College teaches you average standards. I want to have more knowledge than the average person has. The knowledge I can learn online daily is leverage over them to help me succeed. And don't forget, with success comes jealousy. As Emily Post states, "Jealousy is the suspicion of one's own inferiority."

As Jim Rohn states, "Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune." College education slows down the pace at which you learn, and you lose control of your own education. You learn at the pace of the teacher under their control. I can't believe people are okay with making the same amount of money the rest of their lives. Most people get out of college to get a job, learn the job, and their boss dictates and controls their life's income. There's no way I will ever have a boss. No one tells me what to do. #selfemployed #CEO #business #entrepreneur

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