College Student Builds Sustainable Doghouse From Versatile Hempcrete
“It’s mold resistant, it’s pest resistant, it’s fire resistant.”

Leigh Humphries, from Wilmington, North Carolina, is passionate about hempcrete, the sustainable building material she used to build a unique doghouse.

Humphries recently graduated with a degree in Sustainability Technologies from Cape Fear Community College, and the doghouse was her “capstone” project in the vocational program.

While you won’t yet find hempcrete doghouses shading Fido from the sun in many back yards, it’s a building material with proven benefits and a growing appeal. Hempcrete homes are popping up from Kentucky to Alaska and beyond.

When we heard about Humphries exciting project through coverage on Wilmington’s WWAY news, we reached out directly to find out more about why she chose hempcrete, what it took to build the doghouse, and how her project was received in her community.

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