Collision and region tilesets
Recently I've been working on a small RPG in RPG Maker MV, and the cool thing is that RPG Maker MV uses JavaScript. One of the scripts I've been using is the TileD plugin by Yami and Archeia ( ). It allows you to use TileD as your main map editor for your games.

Now recently, I've been adding some small functionality to it. One of these things is allowing you to set collision and region properties to tiles. It's a feature I hope will be added to the main plugin.

But it's only useful if there are actual tilesets that implement this feature. Fortunately I did just that. I've made tilesets for four different tile sizes, one for 16x16, one for 24x24, one for 32x32 and one for 48x48. You should copy the images to their respective tileset folder, and the tileset files should be placed in a tilesets folder in your game's root folder.

Next, install the TileD plugin and enable it. Since as the time of writing these modifications I've added haven't been implemented, I'll provide a modified version of it.

Next, just map your maps the way you normally do in TileD. When using the region tilesets, place the regions on a separate layer, and add a new layer property called regionId. Set it to -1. This way the plugin knows it contains region data and will hide this layer from the game. For collision, create a new layer, and add a new layer property called collision, and set it to tiles.

If everything goes correctly, and you followed the instructions of the plugin (each map should be placed in the maps folder, and the name of each map file should be Map*.json, where * is the map ID inside RPG Maker MV), you should now see your map with the correct regions and collision.

Since this is more of a helper function, and it requires the use of an external plugin, this post will be a freebie. The modified plugin is also included, and has the modified source added to the archive as well. The actual plugin is inside the build folder.

Enjoy mapping using TileD!