Colony Hardware Supports stopthinkprevent

Michael S. Weiner, President of Colony Hardware, has been a friend for over 25 years...he's always been supportive of safety outreach, while supporting his own causes and the industry as a whole. He has grown Colony by being thoughtful, cognizant of local need, value oriented, and forward thinking.

We had a great meeting last week, and he agreed to spread the word and distribute stopthinkprevent resources through his 21 outlets from Boston to Chicago to Maryland. This is tremendous news, and helps us spread the word not only geographically, but also via his many different Colony customers across that area.

Awesome! Thank you Michael!

As we get this relationship off the ground, please contact Brian Vaccaro at Colony with any stopthinkprevent needs you may have - stickers, banners, signs, etc. 

[email protected]

 We'll post more as local products become available