Colored Pencils Rock!
Hi Patrons! I thought I'd write a bit about why I love working with colored pencils:

- They're fun to layer (see image above). Light Aqua and Peacock Blue make such a lovely, rich blue together; and Sky Blue Light and Peacock make a nice one, too. There are so many combinations to test out (check out that sweet green that you get from layering Light Aqua and Yellow!), and this kind of depth isn't possible layering just one color.

-Texture options! Draw a light layer, and you'll get that sweet crackle effect that colored pencil shares with crayon. Want it smooth and shiny? That's called varnishing--you can layer lots of color or apply more pressure, and can see examples of varnishing above in the orange and yellow combos. Varnishing is super fun, and it can make a drawing look very much like a painting. 

- Different kinds of pencils! I mainly have been using the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, which are pretty soft and really love blending, but for parts where I'd like a harder edge, I've been using Prismacolor Verithin Pencils, which really don't smudge at all.

Next week, a bit info about the color wheel! :)