Colored Pencils: Layering and Burnishing
So I decided to go at it again with the colored pencils. It went fantastic! I learned two new techniques, layering, and burnishing. 

I kinda used both techniques in this picture, for the first time. I drew out some really simple, and organic fish shapes and some fins, then tried coloring them in with the colored pencils. 

Layering takes the longest to do, because your repeat a step over and over until the white of the paper doesn't show. The step in being to gently overlap the colors until they completely cover the white of the paper. You would use one color, then switch to the other, and do so until it's done. That can always takes forever whether you are layering or not.

Burnishing is when you use the colored pencils and blend them with eachother at the trasition point. It's a little faster but unless you're really good with the technique, it doesn't blend quite as seemlessly as layering does. You can kinda see where that happened in a few spots, but not to bad for my first try!

I am also planning to digitally render these and turn them into prints! I'll do each fish seperately as a print, as well as a group photo like you see here. I'll be using Photoshop to fix them up and make them printable. I'll post the print version when it's done. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the little lesson and the news about the print!

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