Colorful Sea
In this piece, I wanted to bring colors into the sea, coral, and aquatic creatures. I

had included a mermaid to make it look like a fantasy. I didn't use a reference

for any parts of this painting. Everything came out really close to how I

imagined them to look like. Some sea creatures look real while some others look

like that are part of drawing. Hopefully, the painting can bring out wonders of

what can possibly be in found in the huge ocean.

This is a result of my stream/recording today. I am stuck with very unstable internet for a long time today. So I decided to finish the rest of this and submit it to the OMSI exhibition. There will be a process video of this soon and I will post the HD files on Patreon later tomorrow along with something mischievous. Muahahaha. Thank you so much for your support!  Have a good night! ^^