Coloring Book = Semi Adoptables
So after some further thought I decided that instead of the coloring book stuff, what I'm gonna do is crank out some character linearts through the month of nondescript or sorta vague characters. I'll take requests from patreons so far as species (elf, mirialan, tiefling, etc) and gender (female, male, trans) and come up with some basic lineart. 

I'm going to create a new tier, probably around $10 but separate from the current $10 tier, and anybody who is part of that tier or higher can take that lineart, color it (if they want), edit it within reason and use it as their character. So this gives my supporters some fun character opportunities. 

These designs would not be reserved to just one person though, so anybody who takes and colors these characters is free to claim the results as their own OC. Still, I imagine the color designs will be varied enough that it won't really matter.