Colour inspirations!
Today I'm starting a brand new Fun Club feature - once a month I will write a process blog post or tutorial for all members + non members to enjoy. So, I'm starting with this post about my colour inspirations! I hope you like it! 

When I started making comics I was afraid of colouring them. My excuse was this: black and white or one-colour printing was cheaper. I couldn't justify the cost of printing multi colour comics because the sale price would have to be too high. I wanted my comics to be available to as many people as possible- I didn't want to sell them at a high price. I hate looking at my old dull comics...

Panda cartoon 2008

My colouring was limited to comic covers -see this old tutorial from 2013 - and sometimes a small drop of colour like this....

Paint your Nails, Paint your dreams 2012

In 2014 I started getting braver with colour- Nowadays I even think about different colours to help me get to sleep at night (cherry red and lime green...salmon pink and petrol blue...turquoise and bright yellow....happy dreams zzzz)

I began experimenting more and more with different techniques of colouring that I made up myself. I developed two techniques, this one is called "Fozzy Farbe" influenced by this Muppets illustration:

And this one is called the "Drunk Dad" technique: 

Mostly I use a very simple colouring style of block brights or pastels where I enjoy mixing different colour combos for the speech bubbles and backgrounds. I have collected a certain colour palette of favourites over the last couple of years:

I look for colours wherever I go now. I take photos of toilet walls, clothes in shop windows, nature, weird animals. Recent inspiration includes: 

Curaprox ultra soft toothbrushes...

A trip to the rainbow location of Burano italy, swoon: 

Now I'm excited about trying even more new colour ideas, I put more shading in comics like Street Dawgz which has a rougher feel to it than my instagram comics and I have started new ways of adding colour combos to character design rather than my standard generic white cats. I'm looking forward to sharing more of these rainbow experiments with you in the future!

Happy colours everyone!