The Colour of Love
Guys guys guys! XD 

I'm so excited to share this with you, it's another Afalon (Candy Lion) painting and I'm super pleased with how it came out! XD


This is what yesterday's Patron-only sketch was for, an it didnt take too long either! (The whole purpose of doing these boards was meant to be for them for be quicker and so more affordable but so far it has t worked out that way!! Lol)

Anyways, as with the other boards he's for sale to Patron supporters first at £35. Comment below if you would like to gove him a home :) He'll go on sale to the general public at £40 later tonight :) (+postage) 

I've had some great fun experimenting lately but I need to get back to work on Silicon Hearts now, have a great week y'all!