Comanche Stealing a Horse September 1706
Around 1706 Comanche were well known in New Mexico for their horse stealing raids on Spanish rancheros. It is said that the Comanche stole 30,000 horse a year from rancheros in Mexico. Specifically in September large raiding parties went into Mexico for horses and captives. Comanche referred to September as the Mexican Moon, Mexicans called it Comanche Moon. The Comanche became to epitome of the Plains Indian Horse Culture. There was a saying in Texas: “The white man will ride the Mustang until he is played out - the Mexican will take him and ride him another day until he thinks he is tired - the Comanche will get on him and ride him to where he is going” (Frank Dobie).

India Ink on 140lbs Watercolor Paper 9x12inches, unframed, signed on the front in ink.