Combat Readiness Check for Alpha 17 released!
The first working version of the mod for Alpha 17 is here. I initially posted a version which didn't work earlier this month, and after discovering this embarrassing problem, promptly set it to hidden.

Harmony is quite new to me, and although the wiki for it is quite extensive, it doesn't really show me an example of a working Harmony mod for RimWorld. However, after looking at other mod authors'  examples of the basic implementation, I tried it out for myself and after a few times of RimWorld telling me the mod did something bad, I finally got it to work.

The newest version introduces a check for potentially lethal diseases and infections. Colonists who have these but haven't developed immunity are excluded from the raid points calculation.

Also in this version, I reduced the contribution of building wealth further, to 1.5 points per 1000 building wealth.

Today I also released a direct download of this mod and six others on my website, so if you don't like getting your mods on Workshop, now you can get them elsewhere. :)