Combat Suit Mercenaries prototype reaching completion... tests planned soon!
Just a quick update - I'll be finishing up the CSM prototype this week. I'm currently gathering some of my friends to test the game on Saturday, so hopefully I'll get to see how the game performs. My hunch is that it's going to mostly work, but I'm a bit worried about downtime and length. No idea how long the game will take (rough guess puts it at three hours since its the first game and mistakes will be made), but I would love it to last between 90 and 120 minutes tops - that's the length I'm most comfortable with as a player, anything more will likely drag. So fingers crossed. I'm optimistic, but a little scared. People don't realize it, but it is stressful to show off something you worked on to players who haven't seen it yet. First impressions are very important for the players and the designer too, they set the stage for being hopeful or critical of a project. I'll show off how the game is supposed to be played in this week's Design Diary and I'll share the playtesting impression next week probably :) And by the way, how's Mykeria? Anyone played it already?
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