Combat System prototype 0.4!
Hi! Finally! Version 0.4 is ready (I attach it to this post). I invested in this version a lot of my time and efforts - change list is very, very extensive. - 40 new erotic animations, including some rather interesting situations (officially declare I hate gifs now!); - 6 new skills. Сhanges of erotic skills' mechanics: its have different effects depends on arousal level; - Added arousal scale, which is the base of all erotic skills (i.e. arousal grows to 50 when you hit opposite sex characters. To 80 when your chars view erotic animations on the battlefield, and up to 100 when your chars use erotic skills); - 4 new status, improved status’ system; - Some changes in the interface; - Skills with preparation and cooldown; - Changes of characters' behavior, which depends on some parameters; - Added module of change keywords in the texts which depends on the sex of characters; - What's going on outside the window isn't just for fun now, but also affects on the battle; - Major improvements in AI; - And many other fixes and improvements. By the way I want to emphasize there is more different music in the game now! If you knew only, how I was bored and annoyed by original track I've tested the game... Hope you enjoy this version. I think I'm not going to continue the development of the combat system in this form. Perhaps some patches/hotfixes will be released for this version when I'll have some time for test (tomorrow I'll leave for a business trip, so there will be some difficulties with the Internet and time for some days). But I'm going to rework this combat system for a new project, which you'll be able to appreciate in the future. And yes, there will be a plot in this project, full gameplay and (may be) characters you know and love. ;) Stay tuned and have fun! Thanks for your support guys! P.S. I wonder what a little thing can have a serious influence on the fate of the char. For example I didn't add prefix «tmp_» to the some variable... and whole the hour (until I've caught this bug) Barbarian try to grab Genie's ass whenever possible! Although... maybe it's a normal for his tribe?:)