Combine #4 will be released this weekend!
Hi everyone. Combine #4 will be released this weekend. We're aiming for a a Friday release, but Saturday might be more likely. This issue is full of big changes. We're excited to present the first chapter of Zoe Coughlin's ongoing science fiction comic The Last Cowboy.  In Zoe's own words:

"Humanity has been infected with a deadly disease and is slowly dying out. All of this was caused by an accidental crash in Roswell, New Mexico… And life must go on, aliens included. This is the story of three women: A bitter professor, a secretive tech mogul, and a strange little girl on the run from a mysterious lab… And their lives are intertwined in some very unexpected ways."

This is also the first issue in our new, larger format. Combine is moving to a 80+ page square bound format with thicker cover stock, giving you a bigger and more durable magazine with nearly twice the content! We're super excited about these changes to Combine and we hope that you will be too.

Also, we're looking for letters and fan art to include in our newest issue. The deadline is Weds the 26th!

Thank you all so much for your patience. We think you'll really dig this new issue.

- Jake