Come see us at Fur The More!

Hey folks! Matt and I will be heading out of town next week for Fur The More down in Tysons, VA. Are you planning on attending? Great! We hope to see you there! Matt and I will be at Table 7 in the Marketplace/Dealers Room. 

Some quick questions and answers...

What will you have there? We'll have a few copies of Issue 1 available as well as a limited amount of posters. 
Will you have the Fred pins? No, they're not due to arrive until sometime mid-May. Sorry.
I ordered Issue 1 through the Kickstarter. Can I pick up my book/posters there? Yes you can. We'll have a list of everyone who ordered through the Kickstarter with us and can check your name off there. The Fred pins will still need to be shipped out to you when they arrive next month.
Will you be open for commissions? Sketchbooks? Trades? Free art? No, I'm afraid not. Due to the nerve damage drawing is painful now, even on good days. As a result, I've decided it'd be best to keep commissions and such closed for now.
Can I talk to you? You sure can! I'll be behind the table most of the weekend. 
Can I hug/snuggle/touch you? If I know you well, yes. If we've just met I'm afraid not. I'm a little shy at times. 
Can I buy you food/drinks? While we appreciate the gesture, both Matt and myself have dietary restrictions due to health reasons. I know, it's a shame. We plan on keeping a cooler with us at the table so we should be all set. Thanks though!
Will Ruby be making an appearance? I'm afraid not. My eyesight has gotten to the point where I can't see well at all without my glasses. Unfortunately I can't wear my glasses under the suit head and I do not have contact lenses at the moment. Maybe at a later con.
Will you be attending any panels? I'm not sure. I may pop into a few if I can get away from the table for a bit.
Will you be hosting a panel? Yes we will! We'll be hosting a meet and greet on Saturday evening for book lovers... The Bibliofurs Paperback Exchange! Come join us between 7:00pm and 8:00pm (in the Potomac) to chat about books and take a few paperbacks home with you! 
I won't be at Fur The More. Will you be attending any other cons this year? We sure will! We're scheduled to vend at Anthrocon and Tiny Paws Con. We're also debating vending at Furpocalypse and Midwest FurFest. We haven't decided yet. If there's a con you'd like to see us at, please let us know and we'll see what we can do!

We hope to see you there! Thanks guys!