Tier Benefits
$1 or more per Whenever 7 patrons
"Low in power, high in numbers."

-Access to my patreon feed for upcoming or secret news!

-Ability to vote on monthly art stream themes.

Includes Discord rewards
$5 or more per Whenever 11 patrons
"The universe's finest!"

  • Access to high resolution images of sketches and pieces made for the month.
  • Your name on the "Wall of Warriors", and listed in a special 'Thank You' section on each Scrap & Topheavy comic.
  • Plus all previous rewards
$10 or more per Whenever 2 patrons
"There's no better to micromanage a multi-universal fleet."

  • Silver name on the "Wall of Warriors"
  • Plus all previous rewards
$15 or more per Whenever 3 patrons
"Second in command, yet wields near unlimited power!"

  • Golden name of the "Wall of Warriors"
  • Access to original PSD files of sketches and pieces made for this month.
  • Plus all previous rewards
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